Rare dragon gems are unique collectable NFT Digital Art pieces made by Digital Artist Kevin Roodhorst.

Each Dragon Gem has a unique theme and style to match the location where it was first discovered. Because these take quite a long time to make there will be a limited amount available.

The Dragon Gems are made in Photoshop with a combination of 3D elements, stock and my own photography and matte painting techniques. Coming soon available at:


What are Rare Dragon Gems?

Rare Dragon Gems are very special avocado varieties unique to the location where they were first discovered. Most
of them discovered hundreds or thousands of years ago in fossilized form buried deep underground.


One of the first is believed to be found in the Mesopotamia region around 1792 BC. At first they thought it was an egg from an extinct lizard like creature but after taking the fossilzed egg apart they discovered that there was another smaller round-shaped ball inside.
After preserving it in water for 6 weeks, the egg was hatching and a plant sprout emerged. 


The avocados produced by that plant soon became more precious than diamonds and gold. Word got around and
people all over the world started to dig and search for these so called 'Rare Dragon Gems'.


Scientists believe they first appeared during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago, although
the exact origin of the 'Rare Dragon Gems' is the subject of active research.