My name is Kevin Roodhorst. I'm a 28-year-old digital artist/retoucher from Almere, The Netherlands. I'm specialized in high-end creative imaging and editorial/commercial advertising. The software I work with is Photoshop, Illustrator, Realflow, Cinema 4D and HDR-Light Studio. I combine stockphotos, CGI, Matte Painting, Aquarelle and images I photographed myself together to create my artworks. My work is published in 46 design magazines in countries such as: The Netherlands, England, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Mexico, India, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

(2007-2011) Freelancing, mostly flyers, posters and other advertisements.
(2011-2012) Creative Advertising Studio 'Edge Company' as Graphic Designer/Retoucher
(2012-2015) Creative Advertising Studio 'Souverein' as Digital Artist
(2015-2019) Creative Advertising Studio 'Luminous Creative Imaging' as Digital Artist (my current position).

Old Interviews: Talkingwiththepros.com photoshoptutorials.wsdesigntutsplus.comAbduzeedo.com
New Interviews: Photoshopcreative.co.uk


During my time at Souverein & Luminous Creative Imaging I worked for clients such as:

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